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Raynbow the ClownThank you for visiting. Raynbow D. Clown serves the greater Madison, Wisconsin area, offering clown ministry , as well as entertaining at parties, picnics, corporate events and special library and school shows in Wisconsin. Click on any of the links to the right, email Raynbow D Clown, aka. Tom Raymond, call me at (608) 437-1572 to book your event or read some of the testimonials below. I look forward to talking to you soon!


Raynbow the magic clown
aka. Tom Raymond

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Testimonials about Raynbow D. Clown, serving the greater Madison, Wisconsin area

“The kids really enjoyed Raynbow. He was friendly and approachable. He stayed late to remake my daughter’s balloon crown because she was upset the first one popped. Very sweet.”

Beth F

“Performer was on time and the kids loved him! Knowing I wanted a magician he came dressed accordingly. Raynbow involved kids in his act which kept their attention. He was Great with the kids especially since they all like to ask questions and make requests for their balloon animals all at the same time. He was patient and kind. I recommend him for parties!”

Veronica A.

“I booked Tom Raymond for an hour to put on a magic show for my 11-year-old daughter’s birthday party. He arrived on time and set up quickly. Besides the magic show, Tom also made balloon animals for each of the kids at the party. He brought a specially made pegasus unicorn balloon animal for the birthday girl. In all, he spent a little more than an hour entertaining the kids and making the requested balloon shapes. All of the kids enjoyed his show.”

-Christine L.

“Special thanks to you, Ellen, and Trudy for your time, talents and energies today at Lifechurch! Your skills, child/parent interactions, and commentary were so entertaining and enjoyable.

God Bless you,
-Pastor Travis Beck”

“… he does a wonderful job at clowning. Mr. Raymond, in my book, is up there with the best of them. Raynbow the Clown would do a wonderful job for you at any party that you may need a clown to perform.” — Pastor Marvin Lockhart, children’s pastor, Christian Assembly

“Thank you from the Brandt family!” — Wausau, Wisconsin

“I wanted to thank you again for the terrific job you did as Magic Max at the Ready to Read kick-off program. You were a hit – not only with the kids, but with the adults as well. I know that you put an extra effort into tailoring your presentation to work with our theme and the mixed age group of the children. That’s going above and beyond in my book, and we appreciate it.” — Sue Haupt, United Way of Marathon County, Wausau, Wisconsin

“Thank you for the delightful entertainment at the reunion. You were enjoyed by all ages! All of us, big and little kids, had a good time with you. The fact that you held the interest of all, including the little ones, was amazing.” — Trudy Snapp, Rib Mountain, WI

“I know you — you’re hilarious!” — Wendy Matthews, Weston, Wisconsin

“Thanks so much for sharing Raynbow & Goofy Grape with us at the Christmas Dinner. Your contribution added to the enjoyment of the evening.” — Honorbound Team, Christian Assembly Church, Wausau, Wisconsin

“I wanted to thank you for your help with the parade on the 4th and the party … last night. The clown face has been an added touch of cheer to both of these events.” — Jackie, Wausau, Wisconsin

“Thank you for being a part of our wedding.”

“Tom did an outstanding job with customers of all ages. I would highly recommend Tom; his performance at our store was wonderful. If I get the chance to have Tom come back to our store again I will definitely call him back.” — Val Thivierge, Trig’s, Wausau, WI

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  1. Henry Wood says:

    How can I contact you about posting some old Christian Clown Ministry Skits that were written by me & my friends? They are mostly for 2 or more clowns & can be used for Churches, Nursing homes, Birthday Parties, etc.

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